VoorHuisartsen (ForPhysicians)

Web Application Design

With VoorHuisartsen, Dutch general practitioners can create an easy to use and engaging website. The interesting thing about this project is that it needs to service both general practitioners and their patients. I am the initiator and designer of VoorHuisartsen.


A while back I worked on a website for a general practitioner (GP). When I researched the websites of other GPs. I discovered that the quality of website solutions for GPs is - how do I put this nicely - not up to modern standards. In general, GPs do not have a user friendly admin environment to setup and update their website. Also, the websites that are created with the existing solutions, do not offer a very good experience to the patients. To name a few examples: often telephone numbers can not be tapped and information is too scattered over the website.


A GP website needs to contain quite a lot of information. Since the typical non-tech-savvy nature of the user, I decided to take her by the hand and design a flow that gathers all the necessary basic information in no more than 10 minutes. After those 10 minutes, the website is ready to go.

User onboarding flow

A good onboarding flow is just the first step in creating a website. To ensure a delightful and easy set-up process, VoorHuisartsen also comes with a set of default copy. And of course, if in the mood, a GP can choose to write her own copy. Either way: the website will have a clear message right from the start.

Admin environment

After the onboarding, the GP gets to the admin environment. Here she can manage the website. The tech-savviness of GPs varies wildly. To make sure all GPs can deal with the admin, it needs to be almost overexplanatory and fool-proof. Therefore, I designed a very strict interface, making choices such as limiting the amount of pages and offering guidance with a text based UI.

Admin environment to manage the website

Practice Website

The website focuses on three different kinds of visitors, each with their own use case:

  1. Regular patients. This group goes to the website to make appointments and get repeat prescriptions. Patients like to stay in the know about recent developments and announcements.
  2. Infrequent patients. This group will want to look up the contact details every time they make an appointment. Of course, this group also needs an easy way to make the actual appointment.
  3. Prospect patients. This group would like to know more about the practice and the people working there. A big ‘Register’ button nudges them towards signing up to be a patient at the practice.

General practitioner's website