The upcoming opening of a new subway line in Amsterdam would have a big impact on the city, the people traveling around Amsterdam and the public transport companies who get these people around in the Amsterdam region.

That's where bus transporter EBS comes in. On the one hand EBS wanted to inform their customers about the changes to the bus routes because of this new subway and on the other hand get to know the end destinations of their customer so they could optimize the bus routes. It was decided they wanted a route planner combined with a loyalty program. In May 2018 I had the honor to work together with Rebelslab, an agency focused on mobility, on a proposal for this app. We planned a one-week design sprint to get a feel for the basis of the app. Everyone was so happy with the results, development was started right away using the screens from this design sprint.

Route planner & Loyalty program

EBS is focused on local and rural transport and I wanted the app to communicate this as well. Therefore I choose for a 3D view of the map as a primary view instead of the conventional top-down view. This way the person using the app has the feeling of standing in their surroundings.

People can choose their most used or the most popular destinations right away or find a location with the search field at the top.

By travelling with the Switsj app, people are rewarded with Switsj-coins. Some routes will let people earn more coins than others. This way it is possible to nudge people to travel via certain routes.

Spending earnings

When people get rewarded in an app, you need to have something they can spend their rewards on. That’s where the *Shop* comes in. Because of the local focus of EBS, I wanted the shop to communicate this locality as well. The people using the app can trade their coins for local products and experiences. For example a pound of cheese at a farmer, rent a boat to explore the surrounding area, get a beer at a local craft brewery, et cetera.

I wireframed on paper, designed and prototyped in Sketch. For every feature (the route planner and shop as described above are only part of the app), I made a video clickthrough.