In the summer of 2017 I was happily surprised when I got a call from Gert-Jan of Floorplanner. He told me they decided to do a complete design overhaul. Because of my employment at Floorplanner between 2010 and 2014, I know the tool, it's use cases and their strategy pretty well and they asked me if I could help them out.

In the half year that followed, I worked on several projects, such as the floor plan editor, the checkout and billing flow and I even got the chance to work on an AR app for the first time.


It was great working with Ernest. What I like most about him as a designer is his very high productivity and his pragmatic approach without compromising details or the bigger picture. Oh... And did I mention he's a nice guy?! A definite hire!

Tijn Borms
Chief Product Officer @ Floorplanner

Floorplanner editor

A web app to draw floor plans and visualize real estate

It was great to get the chance to work on the Floorplanner editor. This is the core of their product an doesn’t get changed that often, because it needs to support millions of people and thousands of businesses. This brings me to one of the challenges of this project: legacy and support. When something gets changed in the editor, it sure needs to improve the workflow.

Tijn Borms, the CPO, defined a layout up front and it was my task to map out all features of the app into that format. While doing that, I ran into quite some interesting features, where I had to consider and discuss whether we wanted to keep supporting it. Talking with the Support team was key here, to help me understand how and why these features were being used.

I wireframed on paper, designed in Sketch and prototyped in Principle.

Checkout and billing process

A flawless checkout that fits into the customers journey

Getting the checkout and billing process right is not a trivial thing to achieve. It was important to map out the customer journey and see where the checkout and billing touched this path. I was also curious about the current checkout and why it was implemented the way it was, so I discussed this with the development team. This helped me a ton to get my head around the possibilities and see what we could achieve within our scope.

It was time to get into designing. In Sketch I mapped the customer journey with an artboard for every step along the path and designed how these steps should look. As always with checkout and billing, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. Especially for Floorplanner, who offer their product worldwide and deal with a lot of different payment methods.

I wireframed on paper, designed in Sketch and prototyped in Principle.

Augmented Reality app

A showcase for furniture brands

It was exciting to work on this AR app for Floorplanner; a first time AR for me! Goal of the app was to showcase to furniture brands how they could use the Floorplanner technology. By integrating the Floorplanner SDK, brands can show their furniture to their customers in AR.

It was fun to experience how different you need to think about UX and UI when dealing with Augmented Reality. I wireframed on paper, designed in Sketch and prototyped in Principle.